“Browse” is our invitation to use our directory’s selected listings pre-selected by different key features, like for instance bioms, geology, fauna and flora, etc. If you don’t have any preferences where to go but you want to get a brief overview on some special properties, this is undoubtedly the best way to gather information and compare national parks and nature reserves of all kind that roughly fit your ideas for your next nature experience.

While we strive to cover finally all relevant reserves worldwide, we are aware that the directory probably will never be complete. In case that you don’t find what you were hoping for. – Please keep in mind that there are several thousand reserves worldwide and the directory data base is continuously growing and we are happy to learn what you were missing. So please, help us and let us know your wishes. If you know a reserve we should absolutely add to our directory, tell us and we will do our best to get it listed. – And by the way, if this project finds your interest, why not contribute in the one or other way? There are many options: Subscription – Membership – Guest Blogger – Contributor

Date 30.05.2017

Category DNRi

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